American Red Cross Radio Review

american red cross emergency radio review

The FRX3 weather alert radio is made to the American Red Cross’s high standards by the Eton Corporation and is considered by radio-heads (like me) to be one of the best non-specialty weather alert radios available on the market today. AM/FM stations and all seven NOAA stations can be accessed through the FRX3. The radio also has an alert system that issues all emergency weather alerts for your local area. Most importantly, the FRX3 has several power options and can be used to charge other devices, including smart phones. Read More »

Midland Weather Radio Reviews and Ratings

Midland radio review

I feel that the Midland Weather Radio (WR300 model) is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a straightforward yet wide-ranging weather alert radio. Midland is a great company with a solid reputation (check out our article on Midland). With its special emergency alert programming capabilities, the WR300 allows its users to receive weather alerts for multiple counties, enabling you to better track severe weather as it develops and travelers. Read More »

C Crane Pocket Radio Reviews: CC Pocket AM FM and NOAA Weather Radio

c crane cc pocket radio review

C Crane manufactures and sells some of the most popular emergency radios on the market, which includes the CC pocket AM/FM and NOAA weather radio. (We recently wrote an article on C Crane). This is a classic emergency and weather alert-focused radio well-suited to use at home during weather emergencies as well as when hiking, camping, or just listening to a sports game in the backyard. Because the CC Pocket is very small, it is great for a bug out bag as well. Read More »

Sangean AM/FM Digital Weather Alert Pocket Radio

sangean radio review

Of all the Sangean radios I wanted to review and rate, I chose the Sangean DT-400W. I chose the DT-400w because it is an excellent portable weather radio - it's a pocket radio like we used to carry around in the 1970s - that is made with convenience and reliability in mind. Suitable for carrying in your pocket (so it's good for your bug out bag), with a removable belt clip included, the DT-400W issues NOAA emergency alerts even when you are listening to other stations or the radio is off. Really important if you are at all concerned about fast-moving weather events. Read More »

Ambient Weather Emergency Radio Review

Ambient Weather Emergency Radio

The Ambient Weather Emergency Radio (also known as the Ambient Weather WR-111B Emergency Radio) has many advantages that make it an ideal radio to have around during a weather emergency or when camping and traveling. With numerous power options and additional features, the WR-111B model – called “the Adventurer” – is a reliable radio with NOAA weather alert capabilities, keeping you updated and safe when you need it most. Read More »

Eton Emergency Radio

Eton Radio: Handy for Emergencies

The Eton Corporation has been in business since 1986, when they sold their first radio under the name of Lextronix. From their home office in Palo Alto, California, Eton has become known as one of the most reliable emergency radio brands in the United States. They offer a wide selection of radios overall as well as within the emergency radio ... Read More »

Sangean Emergency Radio

Sangean Portable Radio/Amp

The Sangean radio company is an award-winning electronics company headquartered in New Taipei City, Taiwan. Its products are sold and distributed worldwide and are mainly manufactured in Taiwan and China. Founded in 1974, Sangean expanded to create its American subsidiary, Sangean America Inc., which has its home office in Santa Fe Springs, California. In addition to radios manufactured under the ... Read More »

C Crane Radio

C Crane Radio

The C Crane Company has been in the radio business for almost thirty years. In these decades, C Crane has quickly gained more than a foothold in the radio world to become a well-regarded source of radios as well as radio advice and information. Located in Fortuna, California, C Crane sells its own radios, radio accessories, and other electrical products ... Read More »

Midland Radio

Midland Radio - Family Storm

Midland Radio Corporation has been in business since the 1960s and was the first manufacturer of CB radios in the United States. They are an affiliate of the Italian high-tech company CTE International and are associated with other affiliate companies around Europe and Latin America. Their American home office is located in Kansas City, Missouri, while their radios are made ... Read More »